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Google Ads PPC Audit Overview

Our PPC audits are designed to give you an in-depth assessment of exactly what is, and what isn't, working well within your paid search campaign(s). Apart from completing one of our straightforward briefing questionnaires, you don’t have to do a thing. We use our knowledge and experience to collate data from your paid search accounts on a number of criteria.

This audit criteria is segmented into the following sections:

Current PPC Campaign Performance
Online Competition & Industry Trends
Recommendations & Best Practices
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We measure paid search campaign performance and will highlight areas for improvement such as campaign structure, budget allocation, keyword selection, ad copy, quality score and much more. We also give recommendations on how to improve performance and get better results.

PPC Audit aims

Your Audit aims will be confirmed with you and you will need to complete a brief questionnaire upon initial contact.
Examples aims are below:

Drive a growth in new client acquisition
Improve knowledge of competition strategy
Introduction into new markets/products
Improve campaign ROI

PPC Audit packages


Monthly Ad Spend

£0 - £1,500

If you’re currently spending under £1,500 and are struggling to get your PPC campaigns off the ground, our Option 1 will give your account the best foundations for improved performance.

Monthly Ad Spend

£1,500 - £3,500

Our Option 2 audit is the next step up for medium-sized accounts that lack focus. In a competitive industry it can be difficult to stand out but we research what improvements your account would benefit from to grow sustainably.

Monthly Ad Spend

£3,500 - £7,500

Larger PPC accounts will benefit from Option 3 which includes actionable recommendations and a 3-month strategy. In tough industries the finer margins matter and with this audit we can source those marginal gains to help your company take the next step through pay-per-click marketing.

Monthly Ad Spend


For accounts that have a broad range of campaigns and a large advertising spend, a bespoke PPC audit is the best option to elevate your PPC account in a highly competitive marketplace.

PPC Audit Breakdown

Current Campaign Performance
Active Campaigns
Active Ad Groups
Active Keywords
Previous Campaign Performance (90 days)
Ad Spend Wastage
Conversion Tracking Analysis
Targeting Options Analysis
Landing Page Reviews
Strategy & Content Gaps
Competition and Industry Trends
Competitive Landscape
Competitors Keyword Strategy
Industry Trends
Consumer behaviour
Recommendations & Best Practices
Best Practices
Actionable Recommendations
3-Month Strategy


We worked with Moleroda to improve the visibility and structure of their Google Shopping campaigns to drive more profitable campaigns. The revenue from these campaigns increased by 159% year-on-year.


Brief 2 Event

The goal for Brief2Event was to drive more leads and increase customer acquisition. Through 2018, they saw a 22% increase in total conversions through their PPC account.


Novas Insurance

Novas Insurance wanted to reduce their cost per conversion in order to make their policies more profitable. We helped reduced the cost per acquisition by 53%.


The Gift of Cake

As a start-up, The Gift of Cake needed to hit the ground running with orders and we used paid search to grow their revenue each month consistently by 14%.

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