A Reflection On 2018 & What People Were Searching For

Understanding people and how they search is an extremely difficult task but for marketers looking to see what search terms defined 2018, search data by Google provides an insightful snapshot. Google turned 20 years old in 2018 and whilst its search engine is described as a ‘mature platform’ there have been hundreds of changes to its interface in this year alone. Couple this with what people have actually searched for, and the data is very interesting. There has been a lot of things happen through 2018, like every year, but the reasons why people search have not changed at all. Sourcing information and inspiration are the key reasons people use Google but they also search to learn how to do something too. One term that saw growth in 2018 was ‘good’. Examples of searched terms, highlighted by Google, including the word ‘good’ include: “How to be a good dancer” “What makes a good role model?”   These behaviours and search terms are useful to understand moving into 2019 too. As people look to Google for reassurance of quality (i.e. ‘good’), it could be worth considering this as part of your strategy for your marketing. People’s expectations of what they expect to see when they search will continue to rise and asking detailed questions will be a focal point. It will be important for brands to provide the right answers that are tailored for their search and they’ll likely choose the brand that serves this need. The winners of 2019 will be those that use the reflection of 2018 to understand how people search but also cater to the needs of the user. Ultimately, those brands that fulfil this will be the ones that trump their competition.   For help and guidance on how you should be targeting your keywords and campaigns in 2019, contact one of our experts today.