What new lead form extensions mean for your Google Ads

Google Ads has released improvements to their lead form extensions, with two new features that are set to improve and streamline the lead gathering process for advertisers. According to Google, lead form extensions are now ‘shareable across Search, YouTube, and Discovery campaigns’.

With increasing tracking sophistication, many advertisers have focused on engaging with customers sooner in the buyer journey. Last year Google followed the lead from Facebook by allowing users to directly input their email into the ads without leaving the platform. This reduces friction and for many has increased the rate at which new leads are harvested. 

Google advertisers can ask more questions in lead generation forms 

  Qualifying leads can be a tricky process and optimising this stage of the lead gen process can often save you time further down the sales funnel. Google has added a series of new question options that will help you qualify leads and send them towards the correct department. There are various different industry-specific question types that can now be added to narrow down your leads and sort the cold ones from the warmer ones. 

Advertisers can further automate the lead generation process 

In addition to new qualifying questions, Google has also increased the ease at which lead generation forms can be integrated into an automated sales system. Before leads would have to be downloaded and manually uploaded to the email system. This would often cause delayed and lead to a higher subscriber rate.  Lead forms from Google Ads can now be connected via a webhook or through Zapier. This automatically inputs the data into a specific email list or CRM, cutting time for advertisers and improving the overall sales process. 

Take advantage of the new changes on your Google Ads 

The Google Ads platform is constantly evolving with new features designed to help you get the most out of your ads and increase your overall campaign performance. The two new lead generation improvements from Google Ads have the potential to reduce the friction in your lead gen process and increase the integration of Google Ads within your chosen CRM. 

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