What are the business benefits of LinkedIn Sponsored Content?

Getting the best return on investment for your PPC campaigns can be a challenge, particularly if you are embarking on a complicated campaign with a large and sometimes intimidating platform.  Whilst many think of Google as the main provider of PPC, there are other channels both through search, social media, and other mediums that are helping businesses get in front of their target audience at an affordable cost. LinkedIn has developed as a platform far beyond a mere ‘digital CV’ website and now offers a wide variety of publishing and paid advertising options that could provide some real value for your business. 

What is a sponsored post on LinkedIn? 

LinkedIn is striving to become one of the largest online publishers and because of this, they are trying to assist businesses both small and large to develop more quality content. One of the ways that you can promote your content is through sponsored updates/posts. These are pushed out beyond your company’s immediate network and you can tailor the post to a target audience you are interested in reaching.  LinkedIn sponsored posts to appear alongside regular organic content and are notably more discrete than other forms of digital advertising. They are used by businesses to promote a wide variety of digital products including online courses, webinars, eCommerce pages, and free article/video-based content.   

3 key benefits of LinkedIn Sponsored Articles 

If you are looking for a more affordable alternative to Google Ads for spreading your message, LinkedIn sponsored posts to have a number of potential benefits.     

1. LinkedIn helps you engage your audience with your content 

  If you want to provide value to customers, one of the best ways is through curating and creating great content that will provide value to your customers in both the short and long term. LinkedIn Sponsored Articles work well with in-depth research pieces but can also be used to promote content in other forms such as podcasts, videos, and downloadable white-papers.  As long as this content is not produced in a too promotional way, it can draw a lot of attention from LinkedIn, and more importantly your selected target audience.   

2. LinkedIn gives you access to your target audience 

  The other powerful component of LinkedIn and other forms of social media advertising is the ability to target posts to your specific target audience. LinkedIn lets you segment your market by several parameters including age, location, job title, interests, and work experience.  The ability to segment your audience allows you to tailor your targeting strategy depending on the type of content that you are distributing. This maximizes the chances of you getting good engagement with your audience as you will be delivering the most relevant information to them possible. 

3. LinkedIn gives you the ability to build an audience

    Once you have been running LinkedIn sponsored content for a while you will be able to build up a specific audience based on what people have accessed your content before. This is where some of the real powerful results in LinkedIn can be found. You are able to target beyond the platform and really generate some interest for your content and as a result your business.   

How many impressions can be gained from LinkedIn? 

When it comes to generating brand awareness impressions are a great way to get your business in front of new potential customers. LinkedIn sponsored content works well for generating both clicks and impressions, it also gives you the flexibility to choose which campaign target you are going for.  LinkedIn estimated that, over a 7 day period, it would cost £250 to make between 5,600 and 22,000 impressions on members’ feeds. The estimate varies inaccuracy due to the different value that LinkedIn assigns to members. The CTR is based on the Audience reaction to Ad Type. Videos, Single Image Ads, and Sponsored Articles all have different average engagement values. The engagement estimate is based on the historic actions of the target audience and the action you are asking them to take, such as clicking through to the landing page or reading the article in full.  

Get in touch if you want to start LinkedIn Sponsored Articles 

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