What are search partners in the Google Search Network and should you use them?

Search partners on the Google Search Network gives advertisers the ability to gain additional Google Ads traffic and conversions from users across the web by delivering ads on partner websites or apps in much the same way it does on Google.   This process is quite simple, as you simply check a box in your campaign settings which says “Include search partners”. The question is, should you be including search partners or not? To help with this decision, we’ve outlined what the partner network is and its benefits.  

So, what are search partners?

Search partners help to extend the reach of your Google Ads campaigns to hundreds of non-Google websites or apps, as well as YouTube and other Google sites. These sites are not just smaller search engines but are a range of websites and apps which have fall in line with Google’s policies. You cannot see in detail what these sites are, or exclude certain sites like you can in Bing.

Ultimately, by opting to include search partners you are enabling your ads to be seen across a wider network which can gain you more visibility and more clicks. This tends to work well for brand campaigns, as you are targeting more people and advertisers seem to see better results and increased volume for brand searches on partner networks compared to on Google.

One key negative is that advertisers have much less control on the ads on search partner sites and apps, in terms of the cost-per-click, cost-per-conversion, and how ads are displayed. Also, unlike the Bing alternative, optimising campaigns for search partners is tough as it isn’t a standalone campaign option on Google. Whereas Google likes to keep some control over this function, Bing makes it easy by allowing advertisers to set up search partner-only campaigns and section off a campaign to certain search partners.

That being said, if you are simply looking to get your ads out to a wider audience then the Google search partner network is something that is worth testing to see how it works for your business, services, and products. If you would like some further advice on the Google Search Network or on other elements of your pay-per-click campaigns, then get in touch with the team at AdPilot today to find out how we can help.