Why Using PPC For Your Recruitment Could Be More Cost Effective Than An Agency

Google recently rolled out Google for Jobs in India which means, once they launch it in the UK, you will soon be able to target potential candidates in a multitude of ways within Google. Google’s first dive into the recruiting space is interesting and shows a sign of real intent but could help, and also hinder, recruitment agencies. Whether you’re employing people locally or nationally, using Google AdWords advertising as a platform to promote your business, and its vacancies, can come with the following benefits:
  • A cheaper cost-per-hire
  • Brand engagement
  • Valuable statistics
  • New leads and enquiries
In fact, having used Google AdWords for our own recruitment as well as using it for targeted campaigns for clients, we have seen examples of all of the above.

A cheaper cost per hire

The cost of using a recruitment company can be anywhere between 8% - 15% (if not more in some cases) of a salary and for some senior roles this can mean spending quite a considerable budget when trying to find the right candidate. Instead, using Google AdWords (and in the future, Google for Jobs) could reduce your recruitment costs and benefit your employer brand too. By targeting people that are using Google to find a new role, you pay per click for people that are actively in the market for the next step in their career. You can use Google AdWords in a number of ways when trying to target new recruits and some of these include:
  • Google Search Network – Use key phrases based on role-specific jobs either targeted locally or nationally.
  • Google Display Network – Service potential recruits through targeted visual adverts that reach them when they are browsing through their favourite websites.
  • Remarketing – Generate remarketing lists based on consumer behaviour with your website. Perhaps you could target visitors to your ‘careers’ page or people
  • YouTube – If you have a company video of your office, your people and your work generally, this can be a great way to target good people
Send visitors to a specific job page on your website where they can find all of the information they need and can apply quickly and simply for each role individually.

Brand engagement

Building a strong brand is important for a number of reasons but one of those is to help with employment of great people. Having a strong employer brand can significantly improve application rates and situate your business in a competitive place within its industry, allowing you to be selective from a talented pool of people. If you attract people because of your brand and its ethos, they are more likely to stay in the future and will be more productive. Using pay per click advertising to aid your recruitment drive will allow you to convey your brand’s strengths and will help with attracting new recruits, even if they weren’t previously considering a new role. One of the first things people do when they are considering a new job though, is to use a search engine and if you’re there when they search, you’ve already started their journey to becoming a new employee at your company.

Valuable statistics

Using Google AdWords or other paid search channels (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter etc.) can provide an array of useful data to help with your future recruitment and marketing. Using different job titles within your ad copy is a simple way to test the best CTR’s and allows you to see what people are searching for when trying to find a specific role. Not only this, but it helps to uncover how people interact with your website when looking at metrics found in Google Analytics, such as:
  • Time on site
  • Average pages visited
  • How many times they visited before they applied and through which channels they found you
  • Cost per acquisition of each candidate

New leads and enquiries

People may not be ‘actively looking’ for a new role at the time they see your ad, but if it resonates with them, makes them laugh or encourages them to explore your website or brand, it could lead to future applications or projects. If potential customers see that you’re growing your business, it can show that you’re bettering your services or generally expanding into new areas and could encourage them to enquire. So, although you’re looking for a new recruit, you could also end up with a new client without too much work.   Paid advertising can be a really cost-effective, targeted way of recruiting new and highly qualified people for your business. If you’d like to learn more about how you could use PPC for recruitment within your business, please get in touch with one of our experts today and we’d be able to discuss how we can help.