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3 Reasons You Should Be Planning Your Paid Search Campaigns Beyond The First-Click

When setting up your first paid search campaigns, it is easy to focus on solely driving visits to your website rather than thinking about what happens after the first click. Google AdWords, Bing Ads and paid social media platforms are great channels to reach your targeted audience, increase brand awareness and drive revenue but often […]

5 Tips To Drive More Local Customers From Your PPC Campaigns

For companies that have a brick and mortar store, or for those that have limited advertising budgets, targeting local people can be a cost-effective way of reaching new customers. More and more consumers are using local information to drive an action, especially when looking for directions or calling a phone number, and your business could […]

A Third Of People Don’t Know That Google Shopping Results Are Paid Adverts

According to our recent research, one third of people didn’t realise that shopping results that appear in Google Search results are paid adverts. When users search for products online, such as shoes, Google has always displayed regular search results and product listings. In 2012, Google announced a change in the way products are shown and […]

Are You More Likely To Buy A Product Via Paid Google Ads Or A Supermarket’s Product Placement

In a recent survey, we discovered that around 42.5% of people recognise a paid online advert when seeing them alongside organic results – read the full results by clicking here. It also showed that despite 65.5% of respondents being likely to click on a Google Ad, out of those who are aware of the paid ads only […]

How to adapt your mindset and your PPC Strategy in challenging times

The current pandemic has changed the world as we know it, both in personal lives and from a business perspective. The landscape has changed across almost all industries during COVID-19. As a result, strategies have had to change too as businesses adapt to changing consumer behaviour, a new “normal”, and a new way of operating. […]

How To Improve Click-through Rate By 10%

When we ask clients what their aims for their AdWords campaigns are, these often include increasing ad visibility and improving the Click-through Rate their Google Ads achieve. AdPilot can help you improve this by up to 10% on your existing rate. Location extensions According to Google, the term ‘near me’ within searches has doubled in […]

Three Shopper Behaviours To Consider When Using PPC

The way people interact with brands online changes throughout each month and it is important to pinpoint your customer’s behaviours regularly to plan ahead with your PPC campaigns. In our recent blog, we looked at preparing for Q4 when using pay-per-click but you can also analyse a number of other behaviours that will help you […]