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5 Tips for managing your paid search during the coronavirus pandemic

The advertising landscape has changed quite a bit with the spread of COVID-19 and the rising pandemic across the globe, as many brands face uncertainty around marketing and ad spend. Whilst businesses are having to adapt there is no reason why we cannot continue to run ads and remind our customers that we are here […]

All landing pages are not equal

Here at AdPilot, we hear our clients ask the same sort of questions when it comes to Paid Search Advertising. One of our favourites is “Does it really matter which page the visitor lands on?” – and this article is our brief overview of why the answer is definitely YES. Retention and Bounce Rate Whatever […]

Could PayPal QR codes be the missing link in your online payments?

While the first contactless payment cards arrived in 2007, it might be 2020 that history books record as the biggest change to how we shop. Numerous new ways to shop that aid social distancing and avoid handling physical money have sprung up, but one of the more significant yet underrated in PayPal’s QR codes. It […]

Google introduces new fee to alleviate ‘Digital Services Tax’

This week Google has announced that it will charge a 2% fee on all UK served adverts from the 1st of November. This could have a few different implications for your company as Google looks to help alleviate the cost of the new ‘Digitial Services Tax’.    A Closer look at the Google Ads Digital […]

How e-commerce sites can benefit from multi-product landing pages

According to HubSpot, online retailers spend a full 76% of paid search budget on Shopping Ads. Yet, other studies have shown that nearly half that spend is wasted and that consumers just aren’t converting. Whilst creating killer PPC campaigns can take some trial and error, and there are many factors that contribute to their success, […]

LinkedIn conversation ads: what they are and why you should be using them

Conversation Ads are the new messaging-based ad format by LinkedIn, which is similarly to Facebook Messenger Ads, allows advertisers to target prospects with personalised messages based on audience segments. These Conversation Ads are a build on their current Message Ads but are designed to be more personal and more engaging. This feature allows to you […]

Top Tips for a Better Paid Search Campaign

Running a paid ads campaign can be challenging work. Putting together an effective strategy can take a lot of brain power when it comes to setting your overall goals, deciding on the right keywords to target and making a decision on your spend. Once you’ve got your campaign up and running, there are a few […]