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5 Tips for managing your paid search during the coronavirus pandemic

The advertising landscape has changed quite a bit with the spread of COVID-19 and the rising pandemic across the globe, as many brands face uncertainty around marketing and ad spend. Whilst businesses are having to adapt there is no reason why we cannot continue to run ads and remind our customers that we are here […]

How COVID-19 is impacting advertising

Whilst the current pandemic is an uncertain time with lots of unknowns for individuals and businesses, we are trying to keep up-to-date with how Coronavirus is impacting the advertising world. We’ve seen global epidemics in previous years, but none have caught as much attention as Coronavirus has. According to Google, “since the first week of […]

Introducing our Google Ads workshop in partnership with Varn

AdPilot have teamed up with our sister company Varn to offer a new Google Ads workshop, perfect for beginners looking to gain more knowledge of paid search marketing. Google Ads is something that many businesses would like to use and would like to manage in-house but learning the ropes can often be time-consuming and it […]

Is Your Website Design The Weak Link In Your PPC Advertising

If you’re new to PPC advertising, thinking about website design might not be your top priority, or even on your mind at all, but it should. When constructing or re-evaluating your PPC campaigns it can be easy to fall into the trap of just checking the statistics in your account, and whilst this can help […]