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Three Shopper Behaviours To Consider When Using PPC

The way people interact with brands online changes throughout each month and it is important to pinpoint your customer’s behaviours regularly to plan ahead with your PPC campaigns. In our recent blog, we looked at preparing for Q4 when using pay-per-click but you can also analyse a number of other behaviours that will help you […]

Top Tips for a Better Paid Search Campaign

Running a paid ads campaign can be challenging work. Putting together an effective strategy can take a lot of brain power when it comes to setting your overall goals, deciding on the right keywords to target and making a decision on your spend. Once you’ve got your campaign up and running, there are a few […]

What are search partners in the Google Search Network and should you use them?

Search partners on the Google Search Network gives advertisers the ability to gain additional Google Ads traffic and conversions from users across the web by delivering ads on partner websites or apps in much the same way it does on Google.   This process is quite simple, as you simply check a box in your […]

What Does Google’s Rebrand Mean for Marketers?

Google has recently announced that it is rebranding its line of advertising products to offer a more streamlined and easy-to-understand suite of services for media buyers, publishers, and small businesses. The company will be renaming and rearranging its current products and services to offer a selection of new, unified brands. Fundamentally, not much has changed, […]

What Is The Difference Between Google Ads, Google Ad Manager and Google Marketing Platform?

  As many people will know, in 2018 Google made a few changes to their core ad products which mainly involved changing the names of some of the brands. This allowed them to reorganise some of their key products and bring them up to speed with more modern requirements. To put it simply, Google AdWords […]