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5 Key Mistakes That E-Commerce Businesses Make With Google Ads

E-commerce businesses are relatively (we say that loosely) simple to set-up but when it comes to driving customers to the website, a number of companies get things wrong. In this case, we’re talking specifically about those visitors via Google Ads. Let’s take a look at 5 key mistakes e-commerce businesses are making when investing in […]

A Third Of People Don’t Know That Google Shopping Results Are Paid Adverts

According to our recent research, one third of people didn’t realise that shopping results that appear in Google Search results are paid adverts. When users search for products online, such as shoes, Google has always displayed regular search results and product listings. In 2012, Google announced a change in the way products are shown and […]

Google introduces new fee to alleviate ‘Digital Services Tax’

This week Google has announced that it will charge a 2% fee on all UK served adverts from the 1st of November. This could have a few different implications for your company as Google looks to help alleviate the cost of the new ‘Digitial Services Tax’.    A Closer look at the Google Ads Digital […]

Over 50% of users choose not to click on Google Shopping results

Over 50% of users choose not to click on Google Shopping results, according to our latest survey with just over 13% of users choosing to click on Google Shopping results. Whilst 33.8% are unaware of which results in Google’s search results pages are Google Shopping sponsored results. We asked 1,000 users in a survey if […]

Over 70% Of Users Recognise Google Shopping Results As Adverts

Google Shopping gives retailers the opportunity to gain customers online who are the most likely to click on, and purchase, their products. Google doesn’t just want to benefit retailers though, but rather it is continuously working on matching products to the needs of consumers and to make their online shopping that little bit easier. In […]

Three Shopper Behaviours To Consider When Using PPC

The way people interact with brands online changes throughout each month and it is important to pinpoint your customer’s behaviours regularly to plan ahead with your PPC campaigns. In our recent blog, we looked at preparing for Q4 when using pay-per-click but you can also analyse a number of other behaviours that will help you […]

Top Tips for a Better Paid Search Campaign

Running a paid ads campaign can be challenging work. Putting together an effective strategy can take a lot of brain power when it comes to setting your overall goals, deciding on the right keywords to target and making a decision on your spend. Once you’ve got your campaign up and running, there are a few […]

When automation for PPC may not be the best option for retailers

Advertising platforms, and indeed most digital platforms, are offering more and more automation tools as time goes on. However, it is important to look at the bigger picture and not always view channels in isolation. There are several key examples when automation may not be the best solution for retailers using paid search. As consumers […]