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Are You More Likely To Buy A Product Via Paid Google Ads Or A Supermarket’s Product Placement

In a recent survey, we discovered that around 42.5% of people recognise a paid online advert when seeing them alongside organic results – read the full results by clicking here. It also showed that despite 65.5% of respondents being likely to click on a Google Ad, out of those who are aware of the paid ads only […]

Could PayPal QR codes be the missing link in your online payments?

While the first contactless payment cards arrived in 2007, it might be 2020 that history books record as the biggest change to how we shop. Numerous new ways to shop that aid social distancing and avoid handling physical money have sprung up, but one of the more significant yet underrated in PayPal’s QR codes. It […]

Google introduces new fee to alleviate ‘Digital Services Tax’

This week Google has announced that it will charge a 2% fee on all UK served adverts from the 1st of November. This could have a few different implications for your company as Google looks to help alleviate the cost of the new ‘Digitial Services Tax’.    A Closer look at the Google Ads Digital […]

The Future Of Retail Stands With ‘Click And Mortar’ Model

In the early 2010s, lots of tech journalists forecasted that brick-and-mortar stored might feel the force of ecommerce companies as internet shopping continued to grow. Much to their credit, this has largely happened. That said, as the 2010s comes to a close, this steep curve of ecommerce is growth is on the way down. Why? […]