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2018 Calendar Opportunities For Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

When planning your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, it’s important to think of different days or times of the year that will be beneficial. In other words, you should consider integrating smaller event-driven PPC campaigns into your overall strategy. There are periods of the year that naturally drive an increase in web traffic and product demand. Here […]

5 Tips To Drive More Local Customers From Your PPC Campaigns

For companies that have a brick and mortar store, or for those that have limited advertising budgets, targeting local people can be a cost-effective way of reaching new customers. More and more consumers are using local information to drive an action, especially when looking for directions or calling a phone number, and your business could […]

How To Improve Click-through Rate By 10%

When we ask clients what their aims for their AdWords campaigns are, these often include increasing ad visibility and improving the Click-through Rate their Google Ads achieve. AdPilot can help you improve this by up to 10% on your existing rate. Location extensions According to Google, the term ‘near me’ within searches has doubled in […]

How to Use PPC to Stand Out From Your Competitors

When it comes to digital marketing, competition is inevitable. Chances are you have more than one competitor either locally or nationally and in more crowded industries, it can be extremely difficult to stand out. Paid search marketing, or pay-per-click (PPC) as some know it, can be a channel that your business can utilise to really […]