Reasons Why You Might Not Be Seeing Your Own Google Ads

You’re investing marketing budget into Google Ads but occasionally when you search your target keywords, you don’t show. Why is that?

Pay per click (PPC) advertising is an auction-based system with happens in real time when a user makes a search. Therefore, when there are a whole host of your competitors also paying for PPC advertising, it can mean that your adverts might not ‘win’ the auction every time.

Whilst Google and its advertising platform are a complicated beast, your maximum bid, your landing page and the way you have set up the account all contribute to how frequently you might show in the first few ad positions.

There are a few other reasons as to why you might not be seeing your adverts and these include:

  • Your daily budget
  • The time of day
  • If you keep searching for your keywords
  • IP exclusion

  • Let’s explain these in a little more detail below.

    Your Daily Budget

    If you have set your daily budget for a specific campaign to a low amount (i.e. £10 a day) then there may be too many people searching for your products and clicking on your ads, which means your budget is running out before the day is over.

    If your budget is exhausted around midday then your potential customers are being missed in the afternoon.

    Time of Day

    This is similar to the point above as your budget could be limiting when people are seeing your ads but you could also have an Ad Schedule set for the campaign which means your keywords are only being shown during business hours, for example.

    If you’re searching for your keywords at 7pm but your adverts are only set to serve between 9am and 5pm, then you’re not going to see your ads.

    Continuing To Search For Your Keywords

    Google Ads is a very intuitive system which tailors which adverts it shows based on consumer behaviour and intent, therefore, if you continue to search for your adverts and don’t then click on (which you don’t want to do as you’re costing yourself money), Google will start to deem these ads or keywords as less relevant.

    IP Address Exclusion

    You’re able to exclude specific IP addresses within Google Ads which prevents your adverts from showing to specific people. If your office and all of your members of staff regularly ‘Google’ your brand name to get to your website and then click on your ad instead of the organic listing, your staff are using your ad budget and therefore, you’ll want to exclude your own IP address. Your agency or in-house team may have already thought of this and will already be excluding you, so this could be another reason as to why you can’t see your advertising.

    If you’d like to discuss in more detail about why your adverts might not be showing, contact one of our experts today to see how we can help.