Quick Tips To Help You Save Time When Managing A Google Ads Campaign

With automation becoming a key part of everything digital, we’ve created some useful tips to help you save time when managing your Google Ads campaign. Some of these tips include automation and others include nifty ways to change things in bulk. Let’s kick things off …  

Copy/Paste Campaigns

  When working with multiple Campaigns, Ad Groups, Ads and Keywords, it can be extremely useful to create new ones quickly, rather than going through the whole process of setting up a new one from scratch. To do this, you can select any campaign, ad group, ad (example below) or keyword, then select Edit in the dropdown menu above the Ads, press Copy and untick the selected fields.     Once you’ve done this, go to the new Campaign or Ad Group you’d like to copy this data across to and click on the ‘More’ (3 dots) icon (below) and select Paste – easy!     This is especially useful if you’re duplicating settings across campaigns and split testing campaigns. Best of all it saves you a lot of time.  

Use Filters To Separate Out Poor Performing Keywords/Ads

  It is important to focus on the data when monitoring and optimising a Google Ads account and honing in on the ‘right’ data is even more important. As a business, you’ll know your Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and the metrics that matter to you, so creating filters to narrow down the stats that are crucial will save you time. An example of this would be to filter out the keywords that are driving conversions. Therefore, you’ll want to add a filter to only show keywords with more than (‘>’ greater than) 0 conversions and it will filter the important phrases that are driving revenue (below).     On the flipside of this, you could also only show keywords that don’t drive conversions and are therefore potentially wasting budget – just select < 0 conversions. Using Google Scripts to Automate Parts Of Your Account Scripts aren’t necessarily for beginners managing Google Ads accounts but if you do a little reading around how to implement them, they can come in extremely useful and will allow you to spend your limited time being more effective on other areas of the account. Here is a list of aspects you can use scripts to edit:  
  • Bid Modifiers
  • Pausing and Deleting
  • Third-Party Data
  • Bidding and Budgets
  • Tools
  • Alerts
  • Reporting
  • Seasonal Adjustments
  • Automating Maintenance
  • Labelling
  • Tracking
  • Ad Text
  • Keywords
  • Google Display Network
  • Shopping Campaigns
One of our favourite scripts though is a Link Checker Script which allows you to monitor when a page returns an error (404 – Not Found or 500 – Server Error) which you might not necessarily know about for a few days or week. This stops you sending people to pages that don’t exist and therefore deter visitors. Another script is one that pauses adverts with poor/low Click through Rate (CTR) and will save you the hassle of going through the account manually to find these. This script can be found here. Your time is important and, as is the same with every kind of marketing, you want to be able to focus your time on what really matters. These quick tips and scripts will help you to make the best use of your management time. If you’d like more information on how to improve your Google Ads account, feel free to contact one of our experts today.