PPC Trends You Should Be Considering For 2019

As we near the end of 2018, it’s time for businesses to start reviewing the past year and looking towards 2019. Now is the time to be looking at where you want to focus on within your marketing campaigns, from email marketing to PPC. We’ve taken note of what we think will be developing in 2019 to help you make the most of your new year planning:  

The rise of voice search

Whilst voice search has already arrived, we think that it’s popularity will continue to grow throughout 2019 with devices becoming smarter and more efficient when it comes to voice search queries. The increased rise in voice search means we may have to change the way we look at approaching paid search campaigns. Voice searches are typically longer than other searches as people are more likely to ask their devices questions and use longer phrases, this should be considered when choosing keywords and phrases to target. Voice also has high local value, so using location extensions in Google Ads will become key for the “near me” searches.  

Increased investment in mobile advertising

Whilst being able to access the internet on a mobile isn’t anything new anymore and neither is mobile advertising, this is still an area that we think businesses should be focusing on over the coming year. You should consider investing a greater percentage of your pay-per-click budget into mobile ads. More consumers using their mobile devices to search for and purchase products due to the convenience of using a mobile device compared to a desktop is increasing.  According to Google around 28% of people use their mobile to look for advice, 32% for comparison, and 46% for inspiration.  

Artificial intelligence and automation

AI is making quite a name for itself and is certainly becoming more effective when it comes to understanding audiences and responding to different interactions. It’s time for marketers to begin to embracing machine learning and automation and reduce the amount of time on manual campaign management.  Although this is all about balance, as some recommendations and actions from machines are still not going to be what is best for your campaigns just yet. Repetitive tasks such as reporting and bid tracking can be easily automated, allowing you to focus on the people that matter; the customers.  More creative and knowledge led tasks such as writing copy and any strategy work is still better off being done manually, but there is definitely scope for this to change as machine learning and AI develop further. It is also likely that throughout 2019 Google will start to further improve its built-in automation features so that we are more likely to use them in favour of other tools.  

A greater focus on audience rather than keywords

As consumers become wise to adverts and other digital marketing methods, 2019 could see advertisers move away from keywords and terms in favour of context and audience data. To be able to deliver great PPC campaigns, we must understand what makes our audience tick and create a strategy that is relevant and personal to that audience. By creating and optimising audience segments, and ensuring the text in ads is more personalised, we could see better results from campaigns.   For more help on how you can get your pay-per-click campaigns to reach new heights, contact the experts at AdPilot today.