Over 50% of users choose not to click on Google Shopping results

Over 50% of users choose not to click on Google Shopping results, according to our latest survey with just over 13% of users choosing to click on Google Shopping results. Whilst 33.8% are unaware of which results in Google’s search results pages are Google Shopping sponsored results. We asked 1,000 users in a survey if they knew that the Google Shopping products and images that show in the Google search results are paid adverts. Out of the respondents, 33.8% answered “no” and 53.1% answered “yes, but I don’t click on them”. The final 13.1% of respondents did know that these results are paid adverts and do click on them. Whilst this may seem disheartening for retailers, it’s important to remember that Google Shopping is heavily competitive, but can also offer greater return on investment than regular paid search advertising. It’s also worth noting, that the figures have improved slightly as in 2019 only 12.3% of respondents claimed to click on Google Shopping results. Whilst the number of those who were unaware of which results are sponsored Google Shopping results, those who know what they are and choose to click on them are improving. So there is a silver lining to this cloud. The relatively high number of people who do not recognise Google Ads in their searches is perhaps not surprising. Google is often experimenting with the look and placements of the ads which can make it difficult to keep up. Google has changed its ad design consistently over the last 7 years.  

Should businesses invest in Google Shopping?

As more people look online to do their shopping, the market is becoming increasingly competitive and many businesses are bidding furiously to ensure their products get seen first. Google Shopping is great for retailers with E-commerce sites who offer a range of products, and for those who want to invest in paid advertising, having a solid and well thought out campaign is essential to keep on top of the competition and drive sales. If used as part of a comprehensive paid search campaign, Google Shopping can be an effective way of gaining extra traffic and revenue for your business. Having your products displayed above the fold adds a certain sense of authority in the search results and can lead to consumers identifying your brand with specific products or services which they are searching for. Google Shopping ads certainly have their advantages, one being that they show everything that a customer needs to know about a product straight away. This includes an image, description, price and in some cases a star rating. Secondly, Google Shopping doesn’t allow you to bid on a position for specific keywords. You can tell Google how much you would be willing to pay to appear for a keyword/phrase, but Google will predominantly pull certain results based on relevant your product descriptions and titles are for the search. For a better chance of showing, your ads should include key information, highlighting the price and details of the product and should be accompanied by high-quality images of that product. For the best user experience and to encourage a purchase, your landing pages which follow your Google Shopping ads should contain relevant and engaging copy which entice consumers and match their original needs. Ultimately, Google wants to offer users the best possible results for their search queries and match consumers and businesses effectively. If you are bidding on the right keywords and phrases and giving your customers what they want then you too can succeed with Google Shopping. If you would like more assistance on how you could benefit from pay-per-click marketing, contact the team at AdPilot for a chat and we can discuss how we might be able to help you.