Our Predictions For PPC In 2020

We're edging closer to 2020 and it’s always fun to predict what might happen in the next year from a pay per click advertising perspective. So, that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

With 2019 coming to a (very quick) close, it has been another year of more changes to the pay per click landscape but many things have been consistent:

• Google Ads is still No.1

• Paid social advertising continues to grow

• People are still talking about automation but aren’t fully invested

So, what is going to change in 2020?

Instagram to become one of the leading social paid platforms

Instagram is almost there in terms of those companies investing in its paid platform but 2020 is the year it starts to really take over. Retail is a sector that continues to heavily utilise the target market on Instagram and it won’t take long for more industries to see the benefit of using Instagram as a means to reach new, and existing, customers. The revenue generated by Instagram has been on a very steep trajectory since 2017 and that doesn’t look poised to slow down any time soon.

Amazon Ads to be the dark horse of 2020

Sticking with the retail side of things, Amazon Ads is quietly creating improvements to its own platform and is a possibility to have a ‘break out’ year in 2020. By ‘break out’, we mean it could be the platform with largest growth of new retail advertisers to its platform.

Amazon continues to grow, and at a crazy rate, so it makes sense for more businesses to want to advertise to those people who are ‘in the market’ to buy a product. The platform itself still needs some development but many companies will find it easy to use. That said, I’d expect more tools to be introduced too.

Automation to be adopted by EVERYONE

As mentioned earlier, automation is already something that has been heavily publicised through 2018/19 and 2020 is going to be no different. Google Ads continues to push this for new accounts and existing accounts are still trying to adopt automation where possible.

Google and other developers will continue to build on the large list of scripts readily available in order to improve and streamline ad campaigns. We recently posted a blog on how to save time with your PPC campaigns and there are a number of scripts to help you automate a lot of your regular account management. We like automation although many fear it but 2020 see the year that everyone adds some form of automation to their Google Ads account, whether that be changing bids automatically based on whether or reporting sent to your inbox.

Do you have any PPC predictions for 2020? We’d love to hear them. Drop us a message on our social channels or contact one of our experts for a chat, we’re a friendly bunch.