Is Your Website Design The Weak Link In Your PPC Advertising

If you’re new to PPC advertising, thinking about website design might not be your top priority, or even on your mind at all, but it should. When constructing or re-evaluating your PPC campaigns it can be easy to fall into the trap of just checking the statistics in your account, and whilst this can help your strategy, it is worth analysing your stats within Google Analytics and try to define which pages are working well and not so well.  

Things to consider with your website design

 1. Responsiveness If mobile isn’t part of your strategy, where have you been? More and more people are using their mobile devices to do more things. A few years ago, many shoppers would do their browsing and buying on a desktop but as mobile phones and tablets improve, they’re moving these behaviours to their devices instead. If your website isn’t responsive and displayed nicely on their screen, they won’t stick around.   2. Usability Moving on from the last comment about displaying nicely on their screen, usability is so important. If your landing pages are simple to use, have ample call-to-actions (CTA) and are relevant to the users search, the qualified traffic you’ve sent from your PPC keywords will be more likely to engage and complete any forms you want them to. Try to think about why you’re driving visitors to that page; is it to complete a form or to watch a video? Whatever you need a user to do, your page needs to be focused on this. It sounds simple, but there are a number of companies that get this wrong.   3. Page Speed We’re in a scrolling-age. This means that the attention span of people is virtually non-existent so if your page doesn’t load quickly enough, you might lose a customer and spend money doing so too. Checking the page speed of all your pages, not just the ones you’re using for your PPC is crucial.   4. Content This slightly contradicts point 3 about page speed in that people are doing less reading now than ever, but when looking for a service or a product people need to know the benefits and they want to know them quickly. This means that the content, whether it’s a video, a gallery or editorial, it needs to be specific and punchy to grab the reader’s attention. Writing benefit-driven copy can be difficult and sometimes it’s worth getting professional help with this. Their fresh perspective is also very valuable.   5. Third-Party Input To that point, getting other people’s eyes on the website whether they’re in your company or not can really breathe life into your pages and website as a whole. It is hard to accurately assess your own website, especially when you see it all the time, so having someone else audit it can uncover many of the points above (i.e. page speed, usability etc.).   Your website is the barrier between you and new customers, so it needs to continually develop in order to meet the requirements of the user. Regular reviews and tweaks of landing pages is what will set you apart from the competition too and will help you stay current. If you’d like us to review your PPC campaigns and landing pages, get in touch with our team of experts today.