Why Your PPC Landing Page Is Not Receiving Your Target Conversions

So, you’ve created your paid search campaigns and people are flocking in their numbers. The only problem is, no-one is converting when they reach your landing page and it seems as though you’re pouring your money down an advertising drain... Sound familiar? A number of clients approach us asking why they’re not getting the conversions they expected and it could be a number of reasons but one we are looking at in particular is the landing page. A lot of the time, the issue does lie somewhere on the landing page of where you’re sending traffic. This page is usually deterring people from completing the desired action on your site because it has one or more of the following qualities.  

1. Too Much Information

A landing page must be specific and guide the visitor to take your desired action. If the page is full of information that takes a while to read or absorb, people won’t stick around long. You want to communicate the benefits of your product or service clearly, but also quickly. Using short to-the-point bullet points is a sure way not to lose interest from potential customers. As well as to-the-point conversion benefits, add a benefit orientated title to guide the visitor to convert on the page. People aren’t on this page to read your life story, they’re here because they’re ready to take action on a problem, don’t scare them away with all that text.  

2.You’re Asking For Too Much

If you’re asking customers for their name, an email address, their home address and a telephone number, they probably won’t be filling your forms out, especially with all the recent headlines about GDPR. You’ve got to make it easy for them, as there’s a lot of information people don’t like to share. You may also choose to create a landing page that is simple, just requiring an email address, which then leads onto another page where more information is required. This can help you both track and measure if the reason people aren’t converting is due to the amount of information you ask for whilst increasing the potential of more conversions. Asking for less information upfront keeps people around and leads to more conversions than landing pages with longer forms.  

3. Complicated Design

Perhaps you’ve opted for flashy graphics, images and have made a lot of effort to make the page stand out to a visitor? You could be adversely scaring them away; studies show that having too much on your page can distract potential customers from converting on your landing page. This is because they are distracted from the focal point of the page, which is the buy now button or the subscribe button etc. If you want a user to subscribe, design a button that stands out and is in contrast to the rest of the page. This makes a visitor focus on this part first. A simple page gets better results, so simplify until you can’t anymore and direct the visitor to where you want them on your page using colour, images or large text.  

4. It’s The Little Things

The small things make a difference, so does building up trust.  Here are some details that could be detrimental to your landing page’s success.
  1. If you’re asking for payments, people may not trust your site. Add trust badges for the services you use to show customers that you are legit.
  2. Another way to show why customers should trust you is to show clients you’ve dealt with in the past and/or one’s you’re serving at the moment. If people see trusted companies in the form of client badges and testimonials, they’re more likely to want to work with you.
  3. Are you making it too easy for people to leave the landing page and go to other areas of the site? If so, this could be distracting your visitors from the task at hand. Create a static page that only links back to your site once the conversion is completed.
  4. This secondary landing page should thank people for converting, creating a friendly user experience and building a positive relationship with your new customers.
  A successful landing page needs to be simple, benefit and action-oriented and direct visitors to carry out a specific action. This is done with simple design, clear call-to-actions that stand out on the page, and by gaining the trust of new, and existing, customers. For help with your campaigns and landing pages, contact a member of our team on 01225 618030 and we will be happy to help.