How To Improve Click-through Rate By 10%

When we ask clients what their aims for their AdWords campaigns are, these often include increasing ad visibility and improving the Click-through Rate their Google Ads achieve. AdPilot can help you improve this by up to 10% on your existing rate.

Location extensions

According to Google, the term ‘near me’ within searches has doubled in usage in the last year. Scoping by location is very common, as people want to find businesses near them. In Google AdWords there is a tool called ‘local extensions’ - using this can increase your visibility and Click-through Rate by optimising your campaigns to be seen when people search for businesses ‘near me’. Location extensions include a link in your ad, to provide customers with directions to your business location. To add these local extensions to your campaigns, simply go to the ‘Ad Extensions’ tab and find ‘Location Extensions’ and you can add your exact address. Google claims that ads containing location extensions have witnessed a Click-through Rate (CTR) increase, on average, of 10%. Even more compelling a reason to do this; location extensions don’t cost anything extra. They are a tool you can use within your existing account. For no additional cost they can create a large advantage in search results over competitors who aren’t using them.

Reach local businesses

Lots of different types of businesses will benefit from them too. Whilst it may seem obvious that a shop would want to show Google searches their location, we’ve found location is also highly relevant for our business-to-business (B2B) clients – or rather their customers. Law firms, accountants, marketing companies – clients of these companies often want to hire professional services companies near them. So getting closer to your potential customers by using Location Extensions is a quick, easy, win for greater visibility and Click-through Rate- another AdPilot top tip. Get in touch to explore other ways AdPilot can navigate your AdWords account towards better performance.