Important Skills You Need To Look For When Hiring A PPC Agency or Specialist

Whether you’re looking to keep your PPC activity in-house or to get an accredited agency to do it, there are some important skills and traits you’ll need to see from them when hiring them. We will go through some of the most important skills needed for PPC in order to get the best results from your campaigns.  


This seems like a straight-forward thing but having seen hundreds of PPC accounts, it really is an advantage to analysis lots of accounts using a wide range of budgets across a breadth of industries. I’ll quote Dr. Seuss and say, “the more you read, the more things you’ll know. The more that you learn, the more places you’ll go.” This quote can be applied to all types of marketing but it is incredibly useful to have experience of working with lots of PPC accounts because you’ll uncover issues and things that work that you’ll just not know from working with very few accounts.  


To do ‘good’ (and great) marketing, you need to be creative. Before people get to your website, they’ll need to be encouraged by your adverts and if they’re not engaging enough your Click-through Rate (CTR) will be lower than expected. Creativity goes a long way in PPC and not only helps with your advert creation but also helps to uncover new keywords too.  


When looking into a PPC account, you need to be able to interpret the data to unveil behaviours and gaps for improvement. There are a lot of numbers and data and having the ability to understand what it all means is a unique skill. Skills and experience with Microsoft Excel and Google Analytics will also be an advantage too.  

Time Management

Getting the most out of the time spent looking at your PPC account is also important and will bring good value for money, whether you keep it in-house or outsourced. Organisation of time management goes a long way to help the success of a marketing campaign and a streamlined process means it can be easy to refer to changes made and impact had.  


Not everything works 100% of the time and businesses change, so you’ll need someone who is adaptable to change. If there are multiple campaigns within your account and 80% of them are working well but the remainder need some work, the person will need to be able to change their strategy to determine the issue and make changes for the better. Pages on websites can change frequently too, so there needs to be some adaptability in making changes to the account should website changes happen too.  


This is one of the more important traits and if you have someone managing your account who is passionate about what they do, then they will go above and beyond to try and get the best results. If they’re passionate about PPC, they will also continue to educate themselves about new product releases and changes to the PPC platform in order to better themselves and better the campaigns.   If you’re looking to chat to an expert about how you can improve the performance of your PPC campaigns, contact AdPilot today.