All I Want For Christmas Is … Mobile-First Shoppers

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult at the best of times but around the Christmas season, it gets even tougher as companies make that final push to make 2017 a profitable one. So, it is important that you set your Q4 strategy up to focus on the mobile-first shopper. With consumers being more demanding and more impatient than ever, it is crucial that you plan ahead. In fact, we have highlighted some things to think about as we descend into the Christmas period:  

Think “Where to Buy”

According to Think with Google, those people searching for “where to buy” on a mobile device has grown by more than 85% over the last two years. “Where to buy” shows real intent to purchase and means the consumer is very near the end of their buying journey. If you can capture traffic at this stage, you’re very close to getting yourself a new customer.  

Bid High On Mobile

In order to get to the organic results when completing a search on a mobile device, you need to scroll a couple of times. This is because Google has given preference to adverts for the first 4 listings. The emphasis here means you need to ensure your listing is showing within those top 4 results and to do this you’ll need to add Bid Modifiers on mobile devices.  Bidding more aggressively on mobile, even if just for Q4 initially, will help you to combat the competition and make sure your brand is seen first.  

Click, Click, Boom!

As referenced earlier, consumers are getting more impatient than ever before. Therefore, a question you should be asking yourself is, “how easy is it to buy from my website?” Chances are the buying process for your website is the same on a desktop as it is on a mobile device, and this might work well for both, but it is worth completing a test purchase to see how easy or difficult it is. If consumers are impatient and your buying process is complicated or unfriendly, they’ll leave and find another company to buy from. Don’t let that happen!  

Are You Open?

If you have a bricks-and-mortar store, tell people. If you’re open, tell people. The closer it gets to Christmas, the more consumers are searching for opening times because as they leave their Christmas shopping late, they’re looking to go on their lunch break or straight after work. So, if you have later opening hours it is crucial that you show adverts during these times but to also include your opening times within your Ad Text.   If you need to spruce your Google AdWords campaigns up in the build-up to Christmas, contact our team of experts at AdPilot to see how we can audit your account and make it more profitable.