How to improve the click-through rate of your Google Ads

Google Ads can be a good way to drive relevant traffic to your website but if the searchers are not clicking on your ads, then you have no hope of making any conversions or making any progress down the sales funnel. One of the ways that you can improve the performance of your ads is through optimisation of the click-through rate (CTR).  In the digital sphere, the click-through rate refers to the rate at which people are clicking on your add and through to your website. They apply to other areas of digital marketing and advertising including social media and display ads. You can calculate the CTR of your Google Ads by dividing the total clicks by the total impressions (views).  In this instalment of the AdPilot blog, we take a look at some tried and tested methods that can be used to improve the click-through rate of your Google Ads. 

Perform A/B split testing with different ad types and extensions 

    A/B split testing is when you run ads simultaneously in slightly different iterations to see which one performs best for a particular audience. This is an iterative process in which you tweak the ad slightly with different extensions and ad copy and test them out in a ‘controlled’ environment. If you perform this regularly you will be able to build upon the click-through rate of previous ads and increase the number of people viewing your site’s content.     

Improve the Google Ads quality score 

  Speaking of content you should pay attention to it when trying to improve the quality score of your ads. Having a landing page that is optimised and relevant to the searcher’s query is very important when it comes to not only showing up in the Google Ads auction but also developing a good click-through rate. 

Highlight pricing in the ad copy 

    Ad copy can be a good way to entice the searcher into clicking on your ad. Not only does it need to be written in an informative and compelling way, but it also needs to confirm with Google’s guidelines which determine what can be placed in an ad.  Price points are often used in ads as when they are perceived as low by searchers it can often increase the click-through rate. If you highlight or bold the prices in your ads this can increase the click-through rate to the end landing page. 

Include call extensions if they are relevant to your business

    Ad extensions are a good way of not only increasing the quality score of your ad but also increasing the potential for searchers to click on it. The type of ad extension that you use will depend on what you are able to offer but call extensions often work very well when it comes to increasing click-through rates. With more and more searches being conducted on mobile, the ability to click straight to a call is often the difference between a sale and a missed opportunity for businesses advertising with call extensions on google.     

Include some remarketing techniques in the campaign

  Remarketing is often viewed by many in marketing as the golden ticket to increased click-through rates. A good remarketing campaign through Google ads with the correctly implemented tags will help you send ads to customers who have already visited certain pages and taken certain actions on your website. 

Get in touch with our team if you have any questions on ad click-through rate 

Improving the CTR of your ads is sometimes not a quick fix and a combination of different methods may be necessary to improve on your previous campaign’s performance. AdPilot has a team of Google Ads experts in-house with the experience necessary to know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to improving click-through rates. Get in touch today by emailing [email protected] to find out how we can help your Google Ads account perform better.