Google Ads Update – Broad Match Modifier to be removed from the platform

Update: Google has announced that Broad Match Modifiers are set to be removed from the platform after being introduced in 2019. Elements of BMM are being incorporated into the ‘new’ phrase match.  The change will mean ad managers may have to spend more time managing their campaigns as it did provide a good solution to the ‘scattershot targeting’ that was necessary for broad match and focus on word order in phrase match targeting. 

Machine learning and Smart features to be incorporated into Google Ads

The New Phrase Match will incorporate machine learning and allow for the limited recording of the search phrase. Despite this change, Google has said the meaning of the search will stay the same. This will incorporate close variants to allow for targeting across a wider range of searches.

Broad Match will also see some changes as it is absorbing another Smart feature from Google. It will look for signals to better match the broad searches. It may be the case that eCommerce websites with sales focused campaigns may see more broad match search terms appear for searches with purchase intent. 

Whilst the changes are not set to be phased in till July, acting now will help you to secure your ads accounts and we recommend a full keyword review to help prepare your paid search marketing for the change. 

Ares to look at on your account: 

  • Download all Keywords in all Active Ad Groups.
  • Review different sections to make sure the Phrase Matches will continue to function as required in the account
  • If not you should either: 
  • Look at changing current Phrase Matches to Exact Matches and add more Exact Matches, or
  • Add new Phrase Matches to phase out BMM
  • Update any Negative Keyword Lists
  • This may require some additional work but it is important to prepare for the changes with Google saying that BMM will be phased out after July

Get in touch if to find out if your account will be affected 

If you have any questions on the changes or are at all worried about how your account may be affected feel free to get in contact with AdPilot. Our expert team can audit the account to make sure it is well prepared for the changes to BMM in July. 

Our team can also provide you with expert consultancy and advice on how to increase the overall performance of your campaigns. We make sure your ads are driving real value through every click!