Google Ads Expands The Amount Of Characters You Can Use, Again!

Expanded Text Ads became a thing in 2016 when Google Ads (then Google AdWords) gave us the ability to use more characters within the ad copy. In 2018, they’ve upped the limit again. When the first change in 2016 took place, advertisers saw an average CTR increase of around 20% and this time round, it is likely to have a similar impact again. Over the last couple of years, Google has changed a lot – including a rebrand as alluded to earlier – and the devices we use have become much larger too. So, the most recent changes through Expanded Text Ads means advertisers are now able to add an extra headline and description to make the adverts even longer.

What Has Changed?

Let’s have a look at the changes in more detail … Expanded Text Ads in 2016 consisted of:
  • 2 Headlines
  • 30 Characters in length for headlines
  • 1 Description line
  • 80 Characters in length for the description
  • Total Max Length = 170 Characters
New and improved Expanded Text Ads in 2018 has:
  • 3 Headlines
  • 30 Characters in length for headlines
  • 2 Description lines
  • 90 Characters in length for descriptions
  • Total Max Length = 300 Characters
What Does It Mean For Your Advertising? Firstly, your old adverts aren’t going anywhere just yet. Google hasn’t set out any plans to remove shorter version adverts in the near future but are allowing you to test using both formats. Secondly, this provides you with an opportunity. The change allows advertisers to use more characters to include USPs and call-to-actions which will encourage CTR. Without paying any more for using more space, more advertising text will mean that your advert will take up more real estate, especially on a mobile device. Furthermore, whilst this is still a new feature for many, it provides a chance to be ahead of the curve and show a more comprehensive message above your competition who might not be aware of the changes just yet. By adding these new Expanded Text Ads to your account, you can be one step ahead. Google are continually looking for ways to improve its search engine and ad-offering and this is definitely a welcomed change. If you’d like help with making changes to your account after the recent updates, contact one of our experts today who can help.