Everything You Need To Know About The New AdWords Interface

So we officially have 6 months to get ready for the new Google AdWords interface, although some of you might have already been introduced to the Beta version of it already.  The general feedback so far seems to be digital marmite. However, as Dan Brown says, “we all fear what we do not understand”, so we have put some of our thoughts together to help you get a better understanding of what has changed.

Structure & Navigation

First up is the structure of the new AdWords interface. I think we can all agree that the structure of the account has completely changed, with the biggest change being the visual aspect. AdWords has certainly made the data easier to digest with their redesign- for example, you now have an interactive map just above the location targeting section which helps you to visualise your target area. Additionally the navigation of the user interface has completely shifted to become more intuitive, as all sections are now down the left hand side and the MCC (‘My Client Centre’) is easily navigable from the top left hand drop down menu.

Filtering suggestions

New filters have been added to the new interface, such as “Good quality but low traffic keywords”. This automatically filters the keywords over 1000 impressions and a quality score over 5, which will be a good way of getting an overview of decent performing keywords. We would advise you to only take these results as a ‘quick look’, as obviously each business has a different goal they want to achieve, so these results might not always be applicable.

New Features

As well as a new layout we also get brand new features, one of the main ones is the brand new Promotion Extensions (which is massive news for the voucher industry!). If you have a voucher, promotion, deal or sale on your site, this new feature is for you. Call bid adjustments is a new feature which gives you the option to adjust bids to call extensions, giving you the option to appear more or less in mobile search ads. The adjustment for calls tells us how often call information appears in mobile search ads.

Visual Data & Reporting

The new user interface mainly focuses on ‘visually pleasing data’, however it does also directly benefit reporting as it offers powerful reports which makes analysing campaigns a lot easier. You now have a visual display of the breakdown of metrics across different devices, which makes it a lot easier to be able to report and optimise on device specific campaigns. Another bit of great visual data we are now able to see is the day & hour heatmap, which enables you to dive into campaign ad scheduling with ease. It’s a bite size, easy to read heat map which shows how ads perform across different days of the week and hours of the day. This new way of viewing campaign scheduling will make it easier when reporting for sure. If you want help with navigating AdWords, get in touch with our team of paid search experts today.