Celebrate With Us & Take Advantage Of Our ‘No Win No Fee’ PPC Offer

If you’ve seen our social media channels you’ll know this already, but if not, we’re celebrating our 1st birthday – hoorah! Instead of asking for gifts, we’re giving our new clients a gift instead. AdPilot is offering all new clients a ‘No Win, No Fee’ deal for their pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaigns. For a limited period only, we are giving local companies the chance to revamp their paid search strategies to get a better return on investment, or they pay nothing. The world is constantly evolving, and digital marketing is no exception to that rule. As technology has developed, advertising platforms have become increasingly challenging to navigate, particularly for company owners or employees who are self-trained and run their PPC campaigns alongside their other work. As a specialist pay-per-click management company helping small-to-medium sized businesses, we are passionate about using our knowledge, experience, and creativity to deliver real and measurable results for our clients. We have worked with clients in a number of different sectors with limited budgets and internal resources to help them grow their online revenue and we are keen to continue helping local clients. This offer is for new clients with an advertising spend of £1,500 a month or more and applies to an initial 6-month campaign (it’s monthly rolling thereafter, which are our usual terms). If the campaigns are not at least as profitable as they were before joining AdPilot, the company will not pay any management fees for those months – simple. We pride ourselves on adding value and if we don’t you shouldn’t have to pay for it. To find out more about the offer and to get your PPC campaigns off to a flying start, get in touch with our experts today.