Why your business should consider a PPC audit

Here at AdPilot, we understand that not all businesses need full-time paid search management. We also understand that reviewing your own PPC account can be laborious with very little value as you check it regularly anyway. It’s good to get a fresh pair of eyes over it. As well as offering comprehensive paid search management, we offer PPC audits to give clients an in-depth assessment of what they are doing well and what could be improved.  

What is a PPC audit?

When conducting a pay-per-click audit, the team at AdPilot will find out what your business is trying to achieve through PPC marketing and from this we are able to conduct a full analysis of your PPC campaign and align it with your business goals. We then use our knowledge and experience to collate data from your paid search accounts, looking at several criteria to measure your campaign performance. Some of the things we’ll look at include the campaign structure, budget allocation, keyword strategy, ad copy, your competitors’ strategy and much more.  We can then summarise and give recommendations for you to go and implement (or we can do this for you). PPC audits are a great way of overhauling your campaigns and allow you to do most of the work in-house thanks to the list of recommendations. It is an efficient and affordable way of taking your pay-per-click marketing to new heights without regular monthly commitments.  

What is included in our PPC audits?

We have several different packages for our audits, each offering more analysis dependent on the size of your account and/or what your business is trying to achieve.  

Option 1 - For smaller PPC accounts

If you’re currently spending under £1,500 and are struggling to get your PPC campaigns off the ground, our Option 1 will give your account the best foundations for improved performance. What we look at:
  • Active Campaigns
  • Active Ad Groups
  • Active Keywords
  • Previous Campaign Performance (90 days)
  • Ad Spend Wastage
  • Competitive Landscape
  • Competitors Keyword Strategy
  • Best Practices

Option 2 - For medium-sized accounts/Google Shopping campaigns

Our Option 2 audit is the next step up for medium sized accounts who spend around £1,500 to £3,500 per month. In a competitive industry it can be difficult to stand out so we will research what improvements your account would benefit from to grow sustainably. This package includes everything from package 1, plus:
  • Conversion Tracking Analysis
  • Targeting Options Analysis
  • Industry Trends
  • Actionable Recommendations

Option 3 - For large PPC accounts

This option benefits larger PPC accounts who are spending around £3,500 to £7,500 per month, and includes actionable recommendations and a 3-month strategy. In competitive industries the finer margins matter and with this audit we can help identify those marginal gains to help your company get to the next level in pay-per-click marketing This package includes everything from packages 1 and 2, plus:
  • Landing Page Reviews
  • Strategy & Content Gaps
  • Consumer behaviour
  • 3-Month Strategy
  We can also offer bespoke packages for accounts that have a wider range of campaigns and a larger advertising spend that are looking to scale their strategy. A bespoke audit allows for more tailored approach compared to our regular packages and we can provide more information on this should your company be interested to know more on how we can help.   If you’d like to discuss how one of our PPC audits might benefit your account, get in touch with the team at AdPilot today to see how we can help.