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5 ways to improve your chances of appearing in Google Surfaces

Google shopping has been a big part of digital advertising on Google for years however in 2020 Google announced a change that means a lot of the search results will now come from organic listings.  This has some impacts on how you manage your Google Ads. In today’s blog, we thought we would touch on […]

How Google and Amazon have moved the bar for good usability

In the early days of the web, there were plenty of eCommerce sites and search engines to choose from based on your experience and preferences over time. Whilst these websites are still alive and kicking, the rise of Google and Amazon has undoubtedly changed our perception when it comes to good website usability.    The […]

What ad formats are available on YouTube?

Driving value through your digital advertising is crucial whether you are managing campaigns both in-house and through clients in an agency. If you cannot justify the ad spend when compared to the results, you will have a hard time justifying your value to clients and superiors.  Getting good results from your digital campaigns often means […]

What new lead form extensions mean for your Google Ads

Google Ads has released improvements to their lead form extensions, with two new features that are set to improve and streamline the lead gathering process for advertisers. According to Google, lead form extensions are now ‘shareable across Search, YouTube, and Discovery campaigns’. With increasing tracking sophistication, many advertisers have focused on engaging with customers sooner […]