What Are Audience Insights on Google Ads & How Can You Use This Feature to Target New Customers?

Google Ads is a platform to help you to get your products seen by potential customers by servicing consumers with relevant products in relation to their search query. But if you delve deeper into the platform, Google Ads can help you do more than just getting people to click on your products. Audience Insights in Google Ads can help you find new customers based on the data that you have already collected. If you are running remarketing campaigns, you can set up the audience insights function on your Google Ads account and gain useful data from your remarketing lists that can help you make little changes to your ad campaigns. For example, when looking at Audience Insights you’ll be able to see location, device and gender data on those customers that have converted. With this data, you also have the added bonus of being able to use both in-market and affinity audiences, which means you can target new customers based on the same interests and demographics of your current customers. Therefore, you can create campaigns that are targeting more specific groups of potential customers.  

What Are In-Market Audiences?

Using In-Market Audiences allows you to find customers who are in the market, which means that they're researching products and are actively considering buying a service or product like yours. This audience is predominantly focused on helping you to generate conversions from likely buyers.  

What Are Affinity Audiences?

Affinity Audiences are great for reaching a wider audience and are specifically useful for combining with other ‘brand awareness’ type campaigns. For example, many brands use them alongside a TV advert to expand the overall reach.


The wider picture of Audience Insights

Whilst Audience Insights is incredibly useful for helping businesses to focus their online advertising and improve their targeting, it can also help with improving your organic search efforts. Ultimately it gives you an idea of the types of keywords you should be focusing on. When looking at your in-market audiences and affinity audiences you will be able to establish what their interests are and use this to your advantage in other areas of your marketing. If you are a travel company and your audience insights suggests that your consumers love travel but like budget holidays and trips to Europe, then you can use this data to create specific content on the products and services you offer in these categories. From this information, you can create good product descriptions, blog posts, web pages, videos and social content to show that you offer budget accommodation or flights to Europe, for example. Utilising Audience Insights and the associated audience targeting options within your Google Ads account will focus your marketing efforts and make the best use of your ad spend.   If you’d like more information on how utilising these targeting options could improve your ad campaigns, contact our friendly team today.