Over 70% Of Users Recognise Google Shopping Results As Adverts

Google Shopping gives retailers the opportunity to gain customers online who are the most likely to click on, and purchase, their products. Google doesn’t just want to benefit retailers though, but rather it is continuously working on matching products to the needs of consumers and to make their online shopping that little bit easier. In AdPilot’s most recent survey, we found that just over 70% of users are aware that Google Shopping results are in fact paid adverts, rather than organic listings. Whilst this statistic has remained the same since our first survey in 2018, the dynamics have changed slightly. In 2018, only 14.7% of respondents said that they do click on Google Shopping results. In our latest survey, this number has risen to 16.1%. Although this is by no means a landslide victory, it is an optimistic result for Google Shopping adverts going forward.

Is Google Shopping worth it for online retailers?

For some retailers, there has always been the debate over whether using Google Shopping is worth the effort and money for their businesses and the stats above could make this even more alarming. When considering this, it’s key to remember that although the cost-per-click can be, at times, higher for Google Shopping ads, you can often get a better return on investment than you would for regular pay-per-click listings. In fact, according to Adthena, in 2018 Google Shopping ads accounted for 82.0% of retailers’ search ad spending in January and February in the UK. Those ads generated 87.9% of all clicks on Google Ads and Google Shopping campaign ads. The crucial thing for Google Shopping listings is to make them as comprehensive and as engaging as they can be. Listings should include key information, highlighting price and details of the product and should be accompanied by high-quality images. Most importantly, your Google Shopping listings should be completely relevant to the keywords and search queries that you are targeting, or more-to-the-point, what your customers are searching. As a rule, Google Shopping can be more effective for online retailers offering a large volume of products, as you can have ads for each specific product and it is important to focus on those products with a higher profit margin, where possible.   If you would like more assistance on how you could benefit from pay-per-click marketing,  contact one of our experts today for a no obligation chat