5 ways to improve your chances of appearing in Google Surfaces

Google shopping has been a big part of digital advertising on Google for years however in 2020 Google announced a change that means a lot of the search results will now come from organic listings.  This has some impacts on how you manage your Google Ads. In today’s blog, we thought we would touch on some of the optimisation techniques you can use to appear in Google Surfaces organically. 

Optimise the product’s image, title and description 

  Google wants to match the searcher’s product queries with product pages that are going to provide value. From a search perspective, you can do this through including optimised product images, titles and descriptions.    40 characters and the image will show in the Google Surfaces listing. Make sure it is eye-catching and increases the chance of searchers clicking through to your website. After the first click, they will see a 90 character description. This is your chance to sell the product. If they like what they see, then they will click through to the page.  

Include the target keywords in the description 

  The fundamentals of SEO still apply with Google Surfaces, including the relevant target keywords to increase the chances of seeing in the search results. Include them in the description, alt text of the image and the title.   

Use the correct Schema Mark-up

  With the development of Google Surfaces, Schema Mark-up has become even more important. Take a look at how to improve your Mark-up here  

Promote Google Reviews 

  Gaining credibility on Google can be a challenge but with the help of Google Reviews, you can do jus this. Google Reviews star ratings can pull through to the Google Surfaces and this is a great indication that you are a good company to buy for online.   

Get in touch if you have any paid search-related queries! 

  Whilst Google Surfaces blurs the line between paid search and SEO (search engine optimisation) you can still run ads to get a foothold on the Google Surfaces listings.   Ad Pilot has in-house experts with over 10 years of experience in the paid search field. If you have any questions or are wondering how we can help you achieve your marketing goals, please get in touch!