3 top tips for reaching businesses with Google Ads

It’s hard to be a business on Google. It’s much harder to be a business selling to another business on Google. B2B companies struggle to be seen as the vast majority of Googlers are consumers looking to buy one-off gifts or personalised items rather than businesses looking for wholesale goods or a long-term service contract from another professional business. How do you get seen amongst the forest of eCommerce websites catering to the general public?

Google Ads offers a solution, allowing you to get visibility at a price, but how do you make sure that it’s the business users that see and click your advert, rather than Joe Public? Here are AdPilot’s top tips for targeting Hot Leads rather than Lead Balloons.

Tip 1: Using The Right Language

If you’re a business trying to find businesses you’ll use Google differently to a member of the public. If you are looking for companies to work with, you’ll be searching using keywords that mean something in your field of industry. As the advertiser, you can include these niche terms in the text of your advert, and in a way that makes your expertise clear to your target audience. Be upfront about who you are and why they should choose you above your competitors. If you have cutting edge technology that no one else does, promote it. If you have 25 years of experience in the field, make it into a sitelink.

Don’t write the advert to appeal to a casual browsing consumer - you’re trying to build a B2B relationship that could last years and the first impression is going to matter.

Tip 2: Look At The Time

If you are a UK business and that’s where your target audience is based - then you only need to put adverts in front of people when they are at work. Google Ads allows you to set an advert schedule, to only show adverts on certain days and at certain times. Your advert can be set to only show 9 to 5, Monday to Friday giving you the best chance to be seen by people in their offices, searching for businesses like yours.

If your business wants to be found by people who work unconventional hours or internationally, you can set up multiple campaigns to target them and show them different adverts that appeal to them directly.

Tip 3: Red Flags

Finally, it’s possible to tell Google about keywords and search terms that you don’t want to be found for because they would only be used by members of the public. You can write a ‘Negative Keyword List’ and Google will never even show your advert a Googler that uses that term in their search. When would you want to do this?

Well, say you sell “Wholesale, Brand New Widgets” - to companies that give them to their employees for work. You then don’t want to appear for many searches that a private individual Widget-user might use. EG. secondhand, repair, gifts, high street

By adding these terms to your Negative Keyword list, you can make sure that a member of the public who doesn’t realise that the top results are often adverts, doesn’t click on yours and waste your budget.

These are only AdPilot’s top tips to get you started in B2B Google Ads. There are many more ways that individual businesses can target other businesses and avoid their budget being wasted on the browsing General Public. To find out how your business can stand out in the marketplace with Google Ads - Contact AdPilot.