3 reasons your SEO and PPC campaigns should go hand-in-hand

As pay-per-click (PPC) marketing experts, we know the importance of data to make informed decisions and the data from your search engine optimisation (SEO) activity can go a long way to improving your marketing campaigns.

When combining the two marketing activities, your business can benefit greatly, so let’s take a look at some of the benefits:

Evidence of what keywords drive the best/highest revenue

When analysing any online data, it all comes down to the keywords in the end and which ones are performing better in terms of consumer engagement and revenue. This is where using cross-channel data can really help get the most out of your campaigns, and ultimately your budget.

You can see from your PPC activity which keywords have the highest number of impressions (great for search volumes for SEO), clicks and revenue and this can all feed into your ongoing SEO strategy so that, in the future, you can rank organically for the keywords that grow your business.

You can save money in the long run

Every business wants to save money, especially if it doesn’t impact performance. So, going on from the previous point, using the data regularly across both PPC and SEO will continue to streamline both strategies so that those keywords that waste budget or aren’t as profitable can be sieved out. Once you’ve narrowed down the keyword list, you can then spend more time focusing efforts on the keywords that genuinely drive revenue and don’t use up spend with no, or little, return.

Improved overall website performance

As you fine-tune both your PPC campaigns and your SEO strategy, you can then continue to tweak your website into a high performing beast! Through learnings from this activity, traffic from other sources (i.e. referrals, direct, social media etc.) will also improve too.

As your brand begins to bolster in the search engines, people will continue to see your brand name and remember it in the future when looking for your products or services. If people like what they say on the first visit via PPC or SEO, they are likely to revisit via another channel, improving your overall website performance.

Using SEO and PPC strategically together is a proven formula for success and is one that your business should consider for long term growth. If you’d like to chat with one of our experts, contact AdPilot today to see how we, and our sister company Varn, can help with your PPC and SEO.