3 reasons to adopt google ads alongside your SEO strategy

When it comes to working out your digital marketing strategy, you need an approach that is going to work both in the short and medium to long term. This is why many companies look at both SEO and PPC as a means of increasing their digital performance and the growth of their business.  Here we will take a look at 3 reasons to incorporate both PPC and SEO within your digital marketing strategy going forward in 2021.   

1. PPC can get you good short term results

  If you are launching a new product and want to increase the visibility and ideally the sales of it, then you may want to look at PPC. If you are working with experts (such as the team at AdPilot) then you will be able to increase sales whilst keeping an eye on your cost per click and making sure it does not eat into your margin too much. This is good if you want to supplement your sales in the short term alongside long term investment in SEO and other marketing channels like social media. 

2. SEO helps you build for the future

    When you are building a digital strategy for the future it can often be easy to get caught up in the short term. Many unscrupulous agencies will get a quick boost to rankings in the short run which is often extremely rare. SEO is a long-term game and you should work with a company that knows this. Having both SEO and PPC in your toolbox helps you operate on both the short and long-term time frame.

3. Both strategies will need good conversion rate optimisation 

    If you are working alongside an SEO or PPC agency that knows what they're doing, they will likely recommend that you take a look at the usability of your site and how it converts in terms of users on the website. This is very important in both the worlds of SEO and PPC.  Optimising your conversion rate can take time and a lot of split testing, but once it is improved you will help drive more sales for your company without having to increase too much of your marketing spend. This is great if you want to achieve good results in the long term.   

Get in touch to find out more about PPC 

The experts at AdPilot know all about paid advertising and how it can help your business. If you are unsure about how well your account is performing, our audits are a great place to start. Remember, if you want to find out more about the SEO side of things then our sister company Varn offers expert consultancy on the matter.