3 more tips for reaching the right businesses with Google Ads

One of our most popular blogs of 2020 offered 3 great tips for how you can reach the right businesses with Google Ads. That is why we have decided to share 3 tips for how you can reach the right audience in 2021, that are going to drive value for your campaign through relevance and good timing.

Target customers in the correct location

Location targeting is a great feature within Google Ads if you are a regional company and rely on footfall within your stores or need local appointments/clients. Make sure that you take advantage of this within your Google Ads account and get in touch with an expert if you are unsure how.

Make sure the landing page is relevant to the ad

Google Ads uses a metric called quality score when working out whether to show your ad in the auction or not and if the landing page does not match the copy of the ad, you could be putting yourself at a serious disadvantage.

Make sure the landing page has the same price you mention in the ad and that it works well for your target audience. It is also worth noting that you can use split testing here to work out which landing page is best for your campaign.

Test the campaign over time

Testing your campaign over time is essential if you want to not only drive value but also learn how to drive even more in the future. The A/B split testing that is offered within Google Ads will help you work out what works best for different strategies and markets and increase the budget and time spent on campaigns that are going to help you reach the right businesses.

Get in touch with the AdPilot team to find out more

It can sometimes be difficult to know where you are going wrong with your Google Ads campaigns and that is why AdPilot exists; to help you with your ads accounts and stop you from driving unnecessary traffic that is going to impact your bottom line.

If you want to find out more about how our PPC audits can help save a struggling account, then give us a call on 01225 618 030. Our team have years of experience within the world of PPC and we can also offer support on website SEO to increase your organic rankings with the help of our sister company, Bristol-based SEO agency Varn.