2018 Calendar Opportunities For Your Pay Per Click Campaigns

When planning your pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns, it’s important to think of different days or times of the year that will be beneficial. In other words, you should consider integrating smaller event-driven PPC campaigns into your overall strategy. There are periods of the year that naturally drive an increase in web traffic and product demand. Here are some key dates to focus on in 2018 that could help you improve the targeting within your PPC campaigns:

The World Cup (14th June – 15th July)

 Whilst the World Cup may already be in the forefront of your mind, if you’re a sports fan, it may be worth looking at potential campaigns that you could run across this time. Of course, the World Cup is going to be an important time for any sport related companies, but if you offer travel, accommodation or any food or beverages, you can think about targeting customers before, during and after each game.

Father’s Day (June 17th)  

Father’s Day is another hugely celebrated event in the UK and whilst it may seem like a date you can ignore, it’s worth noting the different opportunities here. In most instances, families will be looking for gift ideas for their dad up to a few weeks before. The gifts could range from vouchers to experience days, so there is plenty of opportunity to think of how you could target your products and keywords across this time.

Wimbledon (2nd – 15th July)

The two-week period dedicated to strawberries and cream, Pimm’s and, of course, tennis. This is the perfect opportunity for sport-related businesses and those offering homewares, clothing and even more niche items such as picnic baskets/hampers.

The summer holiday (20th July – 3rd September)

The summer holiday season, and the months leading up to it, is a time when many people start going online to book holidays, buy new clothes, buy outdoor-related items and look for ways to get fit. This is a key time of the year for increased web traffic and you should aim to make the most of it in your PPC campaign.

Black Friday (23rd November)

Black Friday, the American born event that has spiralled into a worldwide celebrated day. It’s renowned as the day of big sales and price slashes galore. Last year there was £1.4 billion spent on online sales in the UK alone. Whilst you may need to offer some form of special offer/sale, Black Friday is an essential day to include in any paid search strategy due to the sheer amount of extra traffic.

Cyber Monday (26th November)  

Cyber Monday is the Monday that falls directly after Black Friday and it has quickly grown in to another day for bargain buys and cheap deals. Businesses can make the most of the four-day period from Black Friday to Cyber Monday by running campaigns for the duration of these four days.

Christmas (25th December)

Similarly to the summer holidays, people will start shopping up to two months before this date, right through December. Christmas, Boxing Day and the New Year are three vital calendar dates that you need to factor in to your campaigns. Shopping over the festive period was something that was never done previously. It was a time when shops were closed and everyone had some quality family time. However, with an everchanging shopping culture and the growth in online shopping, we have seen consumers eager to get online from as early as Christmas Eve, eager to get ahead of the game.   If you’re in need of help developing your paid search campaigns around specific marketing events or would just like to make sure your campaigns are correctly targeted, get in touch with the experts at AdPilot today.